Friends Of Turtle Island Inc.   

Giving Hope To The Hope Of Our World ~ The Children

Friends of Turtle Island, Inc. is a 501 (c) not-for-profit organization working to help children. All members of Friends of Turtle Island, Inc. are volunteers. 100% of all donations go to helping children.

Toys for Turtle Mountain is our main program.

As Santa's helpers we collect “New” toys and take to Turtle Mountain Reservation to place under the tree on Christmas morning. Volunteers drive the 1800-mile round trip to deliver donated toys to volunteers that live on the Turtle Mountain reservation and work with families in need all year round.

Friends of Turtle Island, along with other volunteers have worked to put smiles on the face of children for over 28 years. When the children receive toys, they are receiving something they would otherwise do without.  Friends of Turtle Island believes every child deserves a toy they can call their own.  By giving toys to the children, we are helping parents, grandparents and guardians too. They can concentrate more on heat, food and clothing and not be burdened with whether they can afford Christmas for their children.  

We are trying to make the impossible, possible by giving 'Hope to the hope of our world, The children.'