Friends Of Turtle Island Inc.   

Giving Hope To The Hope Of Our World ~ The Children

            Toys for Turtle Mountain- toy drive

Santa's Helpers are volunteers that work tirelessly to make sure as many "New" toys as possible are collected and delivered to Turtle Mountain Reservation, in North Dakota.  After all Santa only places 'New' toys under the tree Christmas morning. Santa's Helpers drive over 1800 miles round trip to Turtle Mountain and back to Indianapolis.  Driving thru snow, sleet and icy roads to assure that the toys reach the children by Christmas morning. Some years multiple vehicles had to make the trip. The last few years Friends of Turtle Island has rented a trailer or van to make the delivery to Turtle Mountain Reservation.

This Toy Drive has been collecting and delivering toys for over 20+ years. Friends of Turtle Island has been involved with this mission since 2014. Good Red Heart Renegades started taking toys to Turtle Mountain over 20 years ago with the understanding that volunteers were Santa's helpers and the toys were from Santa.

"Some years have been better than others, No matter how many donations we receive it is worth it knowing each child helped will be happy." 

-Chris Orcutt, Good Red Heart Renegades.

Each year the amount of children helped is based on the donations received. Friends of Turtle Mountain has helped an average of 250-300 children each year open have a present under the tree Christmas morning. In 2019 FTI helped 359 children receive not only a toy under the tree but they also recieved a book and a Christmas stocking with misc items including a new pair of socks. No matter how many toys we deliver there is always a need for more. With the help of donors like you we can reach out to as many children as possible.


So many of these children have very little to smile about living in conditions most of us couldn't imagine possible. Many of their parents/ guardians are worried about keeping the heat on, so presents for Christmas seem impossible.  Our goal is to give as many of these beautiful children hope and happiness by making sure they have a toy under the tree Christmas morning” 

–Rebecca Dean, President of Friends of Turtle Island.